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Building Construction

EA Crystal Building Construction covers the processes involved in delivering buildings, infrastructure industrial facilities and associated activities.

Building Repairs

Building repairs and maintenance services which  includes works undertaken for maintaining proper condition of buildings.


This involves the process of dismantling or destroying of a structure after its life of serviceability by pre-planned and controlled methods.


Foundation is the lowest part of the building or the civil structure that is in direct contact with the soil which transfers loads from the structure to the soil safely.

Painting & Exterior

We cover all aspect of industrial painting, pigment and exterior decoration.

Site Management

This includes the management of physical barriers and methods and non- physical means to limit human and environmental exposure to contamination at and/or emanating from a site.

Eco Friendly Construction

Sustainable in using the Earth’s resources, without causing damage to the environment

The Newest Technology Repairs

Working with the best and improved technology to bring great satisfaction to our clents.

High Quality Construction Management

We deliver hign quality contruction management projects all over the nation.

We have over 20 years of experience providing energy innovation and building construction expertise, specialized in knowledge of alternative Energy Transmission, Distribution, Building Construction and Real Estate.

We have been recognized for high levels of accomplishments in energy and real estate industry with success across the nation. In addition to our technical skills, we are effective communicator, which allows us to work with individuals from different backgrounds and skills levels.
We have a genuine passion for serving our clients and clients benefiting from these alternative resources and can thrive in a fast-paced setting working with diligence and efficiency.

We’ve Been Building For Over 20 years

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